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Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on Third-Party Legal Opinions

In late 1998, the Business Law Section published and mailed to all Section members a hard copy of the Report on Third-Party Legal Opinion Practice in the State of Washington. In October 2000, a Supplemental Report covering secured lending transactions was published. The purpose of this report is to provide a practical guide for Washington business lawyers engaged in rendering third-party legal opinions. The report is build around an illustrative opinion which contains many of the specific opinions frequently requested in business transactions, along with commentary from the Committee. Jonathan A. Eddy chaired the Section's Ad Hoc Committee on Third-Party Legal Opinion Practice at the time the original Report was published, and William G. Pusch chaired the Committee at the time of the 2000 Supplement. This Committee's current Chair is Scott W. MacCormack.

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Updated: 12/10/12