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The Partnership/LLC Law Committee focuses on legislation and other developments affecting general partnerships, limited partnerships, limited liability companies and similar entities. The Committee has been very active on the legislative front in recent years. In 2009, the Legislature enacted and the Governor signed a new limited partnership act drafted and recommended by the Committee.

During the 2015 session, the Washington Legislature passed a new LLC Act, based on the bill drafted by the Partnership and LLC Law Committee and approved by the Executive Committee of the Business Law Section. The new Act has a delayed effective date of January 1, 2016. The legislation comprehensively revises and updates the existing LLC Act first enacted in 1994. For a summary of the principal changes effected by the new Act, as well as the text of the legislation and a comparison of the existing and new Acts, click here.

For the 2010 Legislative session, the Committee proposed, and the Legislature enacted, a number of changes to the Limited Liability Company Act, RCW 25.15, to address issues raised by the Washington Supreme Court’s decision in Chadwick Farms Owner’s Assoc. v. FHC, LLC., 166 Wn.2d 178, 207 P.3d 1251 (2009).

Committee Co-Chairs:

Elisabeth Yandell McNeil, Co-Chair
K&L Gates LLP
925 4th Ave Ste 2900
Seattle, WA 98104-1158
Phone: (206) 370-7824
Fax: (206) 370-6132

Chris Brown, Co-Chair
Karr Tuttle Campbell
701 5th Avenue, Ste 3300
Seattle, WA 98104-7055
Phone: (206) 224-8008
Fax: (206) 682-7100


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